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Best Recordings


In Hi End systems, the quality of Audio-Files is to System quality, as the quality of gasoline is to the performance of the cars of Formula 1. These do not win if the gas is not at the correct level.

The same goes for our stereo systems: no adequate software quality, there are high system performance.



20150829_190308 m



With this in mind comes the “The Best Recording”, the Audio-Files list of top technical quality, chosen from the entire world production.

With the availability of currently more than 21,000 album, we started with the aid of a passionate team to make a choice, trying all those recordings that they complied with these characteristics:

  • credible environmental Reconstruction (sound-stage and location of instruments and performers).
  • Timbre (color and character of the instrument) as much as possible to reality.
  • dynamics and micro-dynamics that can recreate a credible real impact in relation to the group of musicians played.

In one sentence: Likelihood of “reconstruction of the real sound event”.



20150829_190040 m


We then gave a scale of values, creating three groups called:

Platinum (PP)

Gold (GG)

Silver (SS)

Within any group then, we have assigned a value from 1 to 3 (1 Best – 3 worst) to better scale the value of the albums.



Platinum Level (contains those records where the three characteristics mentioned above is maximum). There are absolute reference album and will be an extremely small number compared to what is found on the market.

Best Recording platinum Level




Gold Level Gold Level (contains recordings where one of the three features is lacking compared to the other). There is a number greater than recordings that grow much compared to the average.

Best Recording Gold Level blu




Silver Level (which contains recordings, the three characteristics are of lower grade, compared with references). This category has a considerable number of good quality album, which anyway will be well above the level of normal recordings.

Best Recording Silver Level blu





Of course, like all the “choices”, even our will be influenced by the opinions and “feel” personal, which may not coincide perfectly with that of all audiophiles. This is normal, but will still have achieved the aim of helping the choices of those who love to play at the highest level.





Contribute to expand the Best Recording

If you also want to help you, indicating those who you think are the best Audio-Files (and therefore more enjoyable with our systems), please send us an email to webmaster@bluemoonaudiotechnology.com indicating those of you favorite.


Enjoy everyone



List of Audio-Files


Best Recording platinum Level




See list  audio-files updated to 30/08/2015



Best Recording Gold Level blu




See list audio-files updated to 30/08/2015



Best Recording Silver Level blu




See list  audio-files updated to 30/08/2015





IL Team Blue Moon

Who are the enthusiasts who contribute to the preparation of Best Recording


Best recording foto




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