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The Cables

BLUE MOON Audio Technology



The cables. Current signal, speakers, USB. The production Blue Moon Audio Technology


Current Cables

Current Cables Standard
Blue Moon Current Cable 90cm 18


Current Cables  Reference L1
Blue Moon Courrent cable reference L1 7



Current Cables  – Theory



 Signal  Cables 

Segnal Cables Standard

segnal cable standard9




Segnal Cables – Reference L1

segnal cable ref 2




 Speakers  Cables


Speakers Cables Standard

speakers cable standard 7



Speakers Cables Reference L1

speakers cable ref1


 USB  Cables

 USB Cables Standard


USB Cables Reference L1




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Blue Moon bases its design philosophy on the naturalness of music reproduction. The company produces special loudspeakers, exclusive audio file players,unique signal cables, both power cables and feeding cables, original antivibration supports for electronics and loudspeakers in order to reach this goal.

However, the naturalness of music reproduction, that is the truthful reproduction of the sound event, is also influenced by other factors external to the listening chain, such as the environment and the quality of the recordings.

Two are the main external factors conditioning.
As far as the environment, it is important that the listening room be organized with special care in order to have a good balance between absorption and reflection….see more