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Interface System 

… how to listen to more to 80,000 albums at top quality.


Interface (audio file player) recognizes an endless number of hard disks (through a USB connection). Interface reads files and audio files (up to 24Bit 192Khz of resolution) stored in peripheral devices (HD, Pen Drive, etc…) and allows their immediate reproduction



This can happen because Half Moon does not need to index or to create libraries with the files stored in the peripheral devices.

In practice, thousands of audio files contained in the peripheral devices are immediately available and ‘playable’ just using  a tablet as a remote control.



interface 5

Interface – audio files player – back


Interface System consists of  Interface  (audio files player) and Best Storage (NAS)

Best Storage contains 4 HD of 8TB with a total capacity of as much as 32 TB.

To have an idea of these numbers, consider that 70-80,000 albums in CD format (16Bit 44.1 KHz) or an average of 32,000 ‘High Resolution’ albums  can be stored in 32 TB.


interface 7


Interface is the only player able to control and play immediately an endless audio file archive.

With the Collection of more than 21,000 low and high resolution albums, every day we uses these albums to improve our electronics and our loudspeakers as well as to fine tune them in the customers’ listening rooms.



 The number of Interface System

Interface  (audio file player):

it reproduces audio files up to 24Bit 192Khz of resolution


Input: 2 USB ports that can be increased with a Hub

Output: SPDF output in RCA plug format

Switching or Analog External power supply

Software develop by Simone Bianchi “Tangerine” company








Best Storage (NAS)

External NAS that can be connected with a USB cable

Capacity: 4 Hard Disks (today 8TB each  is the highest capacity available on the market)

External power supply: Switching

Half Black Moon storage






The collection of audio files

The following values are intended to be ‘approximate’

Half Moon System Libreria musicale su iPad

Videata telecomando IPad





Classical  Music  10200 album



Half Moon System web ipad 2

Musica Classica





Jazz 6350 album



Half Moon System web ipad 3






Rock 4200 album  


Half Moon System web ipad 10







Special-Various 1500 album


Half Moon System web ipad 14


Total: around ……..albums




 ‘Audio-Files’ collection                                                                                                          

How to organize such a huge number of audio files for the best use.

A precise, univocal and functional filing is necessary for such a great number of audio files (more than 21,000 albums) that is continuously increasing as well.

Our standard is based on 3 main filing criteria:

  • Division: ‘Genres’



Soft Rock



  • Classification of ‘Authors or Musicians’  in strict alphabetical


Half Moon System web ipad 16


 Rock and Jazz.  For these genres musicians have been catalogued by their name followed by their second name (i.e.: Keit Jarret – Charlie Mingus etc…) because this is exactly the order used in the music world.


Classical. For this genre the filing is only by the second name (i.e. Bach – Mozart – Schubert etc…) according to the most usual way to indicate composers.


Inside the  Classical genre, three more under- sections have been created: Composers, Performers and Opera, due to the common distinction of vocal music and to the importance of both composers and performers.


Italian contains all authors and performers born in our country that produce both in Italian and English.


Special-Various. Finally, this section contains all the albums following the Hi Fi criteria and those Record Companies giving a special attention to the technical aspects of the audio reproduction (i.e. EMC – Telarc – Reference Recording – Chesky, etc.).




Half Moon System web ipad 26

Collezione Audi-Files


Every component of BLUE MOON System has a strongly innovative technological content.


Half Moon file player can read immediately more than 40,000 records in file format (full frame and high resolution) included in its external storage. It recognizes every format and up to 24bit/192KHz high resolution. The covers of the selected records can be displayed  on a tablet used as a remote control.



Best Storage is an audio  file storage system with 4 HD of 8TB for a total capacity of 32 TB and  provides the audio material (over 80,000 records in cd format or 40,000 in High Resolution) that Half Moon file player can read.


Half Moon System web ipad 8

Collezione Audio-Files

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