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Blue Moon Show

June 25 2016 – Event in Ruspoli Castle

ML – Modular LoudSpeakers



ML Manifesto Sequenza 11 1.5 sec




castello ruspoli castello ruspoli manifesto

Blue Moon Show – Ruspoli Castle




Ruspoli Caste – Official presentation ML Modular Loudspeakers

mono stereo



On June 25, in the magnificent location of the Ruspoli Castle in the province of Viterbo, which held the Baroque Festival and where GF Handel lived in 1707, the official presentation of the ML LoudSpeakers took place with the participation of national and international journals .



castello ruspoli 01

Entrance to the castle. The stables.



castello ruspoli 03

From the left: Bruno Fazzini, Gianni Profiles cconsultant for the Asian market, and Massimo Piantini.


The participants to this event could appreciate the great quality of the sound system. Now you can gradually implement the quality of these speakers, by simply replacing the crossover from the outside and adding modules to get to the top models.

The results? Highest level, as well as the frame that housed the event.



castello ruspoli 4

In primo piano tweeter e particolare dei midrange alti.


The ML series (Modular Loudspeaker) starts from ML model 1, the smallest in the catalog, and gets to ML 4 model, the biggest in the catalog.

All of them use the same transducers (which are the same as the prestigious LS Series). They have also rear emission,  and  have a woofer (two for ML 4) in a separate box that works in air suspension.


castello ruspoli 6





castello ruspoli 9

The BLUE MOON Audio System



The woofer, located in a separate box, provides so many benefits to the reproduction (major mobility in the environment, adaptability to the control of resonances in the listening room, no generation of resonances inside the speaker, etc. ) that we consider it an indispensable solution.




castello ruspoli 12

Un canale del modello ML 3.


Transducers  have an emission similar to that of the prestigious Line source series, providing extraordinary results in terms of the reconstruction of the sound event and of emotional involvement, making the listening extremely participatory, with the performers who materialize on the imagery stage



castello ruspoli 02 ritagliata

Journalists and fans in the listening room of the castle Ruspoli.


Then, with bi-amping,  we have moved up, allowing ML3 to “put the wings.” Thanks to the power amplifier Colosseum D2 M (driving the towers) and to others Colosseum D2 M (driving the woofers) by BLUE MOON Audio T., the dynamics of the songs was free to express itself without constraints, providing dynamic thrust and naturality.



castello ruspoli 13

Three of electronic models BLUE MOON Audio Technology.


The preamplifier and the D/A converter by BLUE MOON Audio T. did the rest, offering the necessary quality support (sound clarity, amber timbre but totally neutral, absolute transparency) to the work offered by the two digital power amplifiers with the power supply similar to the analog one.



castello ruspoli 15




Thanks to this design feature, so rare in the world of solid-state audio amplification, the musicality of power amplifiers was the sonic characteristic that determined the success of the reproduction. In addition, of course, to the powerful but natural dynamic thrust provided by the 440 watts per channel given by each power amplifier.



castello ruspoli IMG-20160625-WA0042




Thanks to the Interface file player by BLUE MOON Audio T. it was possible to experience the listenings  of many songs (about 20,000 were available), moving from classical music to rock, from jazz to Italian music, as requested by the many enthusiasts and by the experts present in the listening room. Listening to the files we selected included in the Best Recording was proposed as well.



castello ruspoli IMG-20160625-WA0046




Finally, infinite emotions,  both thanks to the audio system available and to the unique and elegant place. The listening room deserves a special mention:  despite the 120 square meters, it responded magnificently to the acoustic requirements of the BLUE MOON system.



castello ruspoli 20160625_132213





castello ruspoli 20160625_160152







castello ruspoli 20160625_160159






castello ruspoli Presentazione






It is no coincidence that the room was used for concerts during the prestigious Baroque Festival held here some years ago.

All the BLUE MOON System is available at Sophos Hi End’s.

BLUE MOON Audio Technology Team.



For more info ML – Modular LoudSpeakers 


 First video

Blue Moon Show - ML presentation at Castello Ruspoli 1200pix 2



In the afternoon of Saturday, June 25 there will be presentation to the Italian and international press of our ML series (Modular Loudspeaker) in the splendid location of the Palazzo Ruspoli in the province of Viterbo.

The palace, in addition to hosting the annual Baroque Festival, welcomed in 1707 G.F. Handel, invited by the Marquis Francesco Maria Ruspoli, maecenas of the time.



castello Ruspoli4 780 pic



ML Family

With the ML series it is possible to make 4 louspeakers from 3 core modules, plus a separate box with the woofer.


 ML – Modular LoudSpeakers



castello RuspoliEmma Kirby Baroque Festival 780 pic

Emma Kirby. One of the great figures of music who attended Castello Ruspoli



castello Ruspoli1 780 pic



castello RuspoliBaroque Festival-Concert 780 pic

A moment of music festivals



castello RuspoliIMG_20160525_195146 780 pic



castello RuspoliIMG_20160525_195256 780 pic



ml system fazzini-piantini-profili DSCF3199 780 pic

ML – Modular LoudSpeakers.First event by Sophos, May 7, 2016

Castello Ruspoli

Piazza della Repubblica, 9,

01039 Vignanello VT

See Map


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