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MultiAmplificazione verticale front

The MultiAmplification to the loudspeakers
BLUE MOON Audio Technology


A great opportunity offered by the ML series speakers (Modular Loudspeaker) is that of the Multi-amplification, with which these speakers, if desired, can be driven.





This possibility, some commercially speakers, it is impossible for the presence of a single pair of input terminals for all routes of the loudspeaker.
All the BLUE MOON Audio production, both the ML Series that the LS Series (Line Source), instead provides more input terminals to drive independently the various ways.


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Another obstacle, which is located in commercial systems, wanting to switch to the Multi-amplification, is that of the poor availability of amplifiers with the adjustment of the input signal, which is essential to calibrate the emissions of the various ways.




ml 2 top w DSCF3280 780 pic



The BLUE MOON AT produces, in this regard, an amplifier with potentiometers specifically dedicated to Multi-Amplification. With this amplifier, it is possible to finely adjust the level of the signal among the different frequency ranges in order to optimize the interaction between the speakers and the environment, key balance for a listening, devoid of emphasis and near to the live music.



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We recommend, as a first step, to separately drive the woofer from the rest of the speakers. This crucial first step, will allow each system to make a decision and solver leap to rebuild, real sound event in the listening environment.



ml w DSCF3187 780 pic



Concretely, it will be enough, insert an amplifier Colosseum, on the way of bass loudspeakers, exploiting, owned the amplifier to drive the other ranges, with no other change in the existing system.





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ML 3 Modular LoudSpeakers. The cross-over for MultiAmplification



The following chart, you see the simple connection of our Multi-Amplification.


MultiAmplificazione verticale back


We, the Blue Moon Audio Technology, we want, that our customers enthusiastic, just add new components to their system, and are not forced to change a component, whenever want to improve your system.



Modularity is one of the keys of the audio revolution introduced by Blue Moon Audio Technology


ML 3 system DSCF3140 780 pic





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ML Modular LoudSpeakers. Rear view






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