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Roma Hi Fidelity 2019 -23/24 nov 2019



SPS 6Ch Amp

6 channels amplifier with preamplifier for master volume with remote control.



Amplifier section:


-6 channels adjustable level

Preamplifier section: 

-Remote level control

-Display volume control

Separete power supply Preamp and Amp

Dimension: mm. 430x330x200 (L x P x H)

Weigth Kg. 10,0







Device to be used with SPS Processor to complete the electronic part of the Stereo Plus System









For info:


email: sophoshiend@gmail.com

Bruno Fazzini – tel. + 39 347  1402138

logo sophos NUOVO


 6 Ch Amp back link


Processor SPS




Link di approfondimento:

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