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Stereo Plus System – Live Music Experience




Happy Birthday Stereo Plus.

One year after its presentation, this unique results system is again updated.


With the Stereo Plus you will be immersed in a universe of sounds and images like never before.

You never heard anything like it!





All your CDs, LPs, Tapes and Files contain 3-D sound images, but the Stereo is not able to make you feel, as the artists on the stage are mixed together in the two front speakers.

With the Stereo Plus, by more speakers in the environment, you will be enveloped by the emotion of the sound event you are experiencing.

An audio concert, a video concert, a movie, will be enjoyed with an involvement never before perceived.





Adding the Stereo Plus to your Stereo system, will allow you to immerse yourself in the realism of a classical auditorium, a jazz concert hall, a pub, a large rock audience.

You will be seated near the musicians, with the privilege of a chair in the front row. And not only you, but also all your guests, wherever seated, will enjoy the same exciting, unique result.

The Stereo Plus is an instrument of high Italian Violinmaking, handmade and calibrated with the same knowledge of the master violin makers, to give you the emotion of finding yourself immersed in the reality of the sound event you are reproducing.





The Stereo Plus value is re-evaluated over time, acquiring ever greater importance.

Find the emotions of a great chorus, a guitar solo, a male voice; rediscovers the realism of nature, the flow of water, the rustling of the leaves in a forest, by the 3D reconstruction of the Stereo Plus System.

You will no longer hear the flat music coming from the front of the speakers, but a sound hologram that will envelop you giving you emotions never felt; all in compliance with the environmental information contained in the engraving.





By the formidable intelligibility of the 3 D reproduction, you will feel like touching the artists, being in the middle of them and you will perceive the real dimensions of the room where the event took place, distinguishing precisely its dimensions (large concert hall, small recording studio, huge church, small club, etc.).





Finally, the space around you will explode and expand, freeing up the ties that harness the Stereo.

These results are achieved also by an overwhelming dynamic that, with absolute naturalness, will make you live the involvement of a live concert or a Nature symphony.




Watching movies you will have the tactile perception of the event: you will feel like you smell the sea water you are seeing, and feel the wet sensation of the ocean images that you are seeing.

With videos of snow you will have the feeling of cold, while those who reproduce music and images of the desert will have the sensation of the heat and the sand around you. With the images of space you will have the perception of being enveloped by the deep black of the universe.





Everything described by comfortably sitting on your sofa, and without the acoustics of the room influencing the sound result.

The Stero Plus System is a small artwork.




Like a precious Cremona violin, like a Ferrari from Maranello, like a Brunello di Montalcino, Stereo Plus increases its value over time. Because it is the result of ingenuity and Italian genius, it needs the hand of man who creates and perfects the masterpiece according to its sensitivity and with the strength of a modern technology.





From today, by Stero Plus System, the reproduction will no longer be the same, eventually acquiring a further dimension.


But how does the Stereo Plus work?





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