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Blue Moon Current cable


Technique – current cables, why they are important

 BLUE MOON Audio Technology

Notes on the construction and use.



At the beginning

At the beginning of the diffusion of Hi Fi, in the early 70s, the quality of the cables for the connections of the components of the sound system was not required much thought.

Now we know, however, that only a proper wiring may highlight the actual quality of our sound system.


Blue Moon campi elettromagnetici lo spettro

Blue Moon campi elettromagnetici lo spettro



In particular, the current cables play a vital role in the economy of the audio system.
These not only have to carry current to the electronics, but they must make sure that the power reaches the device less “polluted” possible.
A myriad of electromagnetic signals, internal and external to the power supply, generate noise, which then end up in the sound of our system.
This “pollution” is particularly insidious because it does not manifest itself as a disturbance well recognized within the audio signal, but as a feeling of lack of clarity of the sound message.
We realize of this problem, unfortunately, only when we limit it by introducing quality cables.



Blue Moon campi elettromagnetici in casa

Blue Moon campi elettromagnetici in casa




The parameters that influence the quality of the current cables are:

  • geometry of the cable
  • dielectric in contact with the conductor
  • quality of the conductor


The geometry

The geometry of the cable, should help to remove both the noise present on the current network, is that induced by magnetic fields present in the listening. For this purpose, in the current cables Blue Moon, was introduced a geometry that, with the conductors twisted appropriately, reduces random noise present on the conductor.



Blue Moon Current Cable 90cm + 180cm 17

Blue Moon Current Cable 90cm + 180cm



The dielectric

The dielectric that covers the cable, should be more immune to possible phenomena of electrostatic charging.
This phenomenon introduces noise caused excitement of the material in contact with the conductor.

For this reason, the Blue Moon chose current conductors coated with inert materials that minimize the phenomenon of electrification.


The electrical conductor

The conductor shall be of copper with very high purity (typical N6), so as to oppose less possible obstacles to the flow of electrons.

The optimization of these parameters leads to a sound more airy, harmonious and dynamic; thus you approach as possible to faithful reproduction of the sound


The construction of Blue Moon cables strictly observes these rules.

The easiest way to test the theory on the construction of the cables, we listen to our comparison with conventional cables.



Current Cable Standar Serie


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