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HE System – Blue Moon ML07 + Harman Kardon hk 930





Receiver: Harman Kardon hk 930 – 2x50w

loudspeakers: ML 07 (compreso ML Woofer)


+  audio/video Files Player : Interface A/V 

(adjustable analog-digital output-HDMI)



Sonic description:

The Harman Kardon 930, with its velvety and at the same time transparent voice, offers excellent performance, above all because the upgrades operated by the Blue Moon team make this machine very powerful. Thanks to the power supplied, the HK 930 does not fear difficult loudspeakers; guides many commercially available loudspeakers.


Receiver Harman Kardon hk 930, restored and upgraded in the components



The power section

of this receiver also drives the largerML 07 , without discomfort, complete speakers in the number of ways (they are 3) and in the reproduction of the entire frequency range.

The ML 07 , offer endless emotions, characterized by extreme detail but without ever falling into the hyperdefinition of the most economical three-way floor systems. The woofer in air suspension does the rest, giving dynamic impact and absolute control.



Blue Moon ML 07. Loudspeaker 2 ways + woofer



The Interface Interface A/V 

AV file reader provides both audio and video material at normal resolution and high resolution with the correctness and practicality that only an excellent file reader can provide.




Interface A/V audio video file player, configurable for audio output (analog-digital-HDMI)



The captivating players allow exciting reading of all the musical material.


How to combine Hi End audio with HD video



The elentronics



HE System 3 and TV HD



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ML 05 Diffusore a 2 vie   –   ML 07 Diffusore a 3 vie   –   ML W Woofer box separato

ML 1 Diffusore a 3 vie    –   ML 2 Diffusore a 4 vie   –   ML 3 Diffusore a 4 vie    –   ML 4 Diffusore a 4 vie

SPS – Stereo Plus System   –   Wall 05 Diffusore Ambienza   –   Wall 2 Diffusore Ambienza


Interface A/V Lettore Files Audio/Video   –   Interface D N.1 Lettore di Files Audio

Micro System   

Converter N.1 D/A Convertitore   –   Converter N.2 D/A Convertitore

PreAmp N.1 Preamplificatore  2 Canali   –   PreAmp N.2 Preamplificatore  2 Canali

Colosseum D2 Amplificatore 2 Canali


Processor Processore ambiente 

Scott 326 Stereo Receiver




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