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Наши изделия ручной работы в Италии ограниченным тиражом.



LS3 B progetto fountek Dayton 4  fotomontaggi Mono-Stereo


ls3 con cornice

ML family 1200pix senza riquadro


ml con cornice

colosseum back con cornice



colosseum front con cornice

LS2.5 sfondo grande


Blue Moon Show - ML presentation at Castello Ruspoli 1200pix 2


LS3.0 Environment 1 nere





BLUE MOON A.T. Каталог (download PDF)

ML Family 

LS3 B progetto Dayton 4 nero + torri

copper line web 

elegant line web

Audio Table per web1



speakers cable ref5

audio iles foto montaggio

Best recording foto


Blue Moon bases its design philosophy on the naturalness of music reproduction. The company  produces special loudspeakers, exclusive audio file players,unique signal cables, both power cables and feeding cables, original antivibration supports for electronics and loudspeakers in order to reach this goal. However, the naturalness of music reproduction....See more

26 BlueMoon logodefinitivo con riquadro con sfondo 250pix

Blue Moon has recently appeared in the panorama of Hi Fi and Hi End producers but it can avail itself of experienced experts in this field.  

Bruno Fazzini has contributed to the magazine Fedeltà del Suono for eighteen years and....See more

Massimo Piantini bases  his professionalism on the experience gained during a long collaboration with the Japanese brilliant designer Be Yamamura.....See more