Our products are handmade in Italy in limited editions.


LS Series Loudspeakers
Line Source, the best possible reproduction system
The Source in Line allows an absolute level reproduction, thanks to the use of a minimum excursion of the membranes of each loudspeaker.

ML Series Loudspeakers
Modularity. From ML1 to ML4 overlapping modules
Modularity is the key to building the ideal speaker for your environment.

Electronics - Amplifiers
The craftsmanship pushed to the state of the art. File player, Converters, Preamplifiers, Amplifier and Integrated Amp, all with copper cabinets, cables with special cable, and top power supplies without electrolytics cap , guarantee above-average performance.

Stereo Plus System
3D sound to immerse yourself in the sound event
With the Stereo Plus you will be immersed in a universe of sounds and images like never before.
You never heard anything like it!

Blue Moon Systems
Blue Moon AT aims to recreate the Live Sound Event in its listening room. Blue Moon Systems, both Audio and Audio / Video, are the tools to achieve this goal. This section is dedicated to Blue Moon Systems made for home use or set up for public events.
Good listening to everyone

Our Second Hand
The material available on this page, is the result of the sale of parts of our production and trade-in of our customers.
The material used, we propose, is checked to verify proper operation.
Good listening to all


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