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Blue Moon A.T. The Company

Blue Moon has recently appeared in the panorama of Hi Fi and Hi End producers but it can avail itself of experienced experts in this field.



Bruno Fazzini has contributed to the magazine Fedeltà del Suono for eighteen years and at present he manages the online magazines Hi Fi Time Review, Vintage Hi Fi Club and  Music Art Review. As well, he is the author of Hi Fi Forever, the first Italian book about Hi Fi.




Massimo Piantini bases  his professionalism on the experience gained during a long collaboration with the Japanese brilliant designer Be Yamamura, contributing to the creation of many innovative audio products: turntables, loudspeakers, cables and antivibration systems, among others. Moreover, he is an esteemed record producer. In fact, his label, Max Research, has produced high qualityand high technical recordings always putting first the naturalness and the reality of the sound event.



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