/ Audio Files – DL041 Taka’s Question – Improvisations with piano, percussion and voice

Audio Files – DL041 Taka’s Question.

Improvisations with piano, percussion and voice


DL041 Taka’s Question


Piano: Paolo Vergari

Percussion: Massimiliano Dragoni

Voice: Elisa Tonelli







1 Blues – Vergari-Dragoni-Tonelli-2011

2 Chopin – Vergari-Dragoni-Tonelli-2011

3 Invention (BWV 797) – Vergari-Dragoni-Tonelli-2011

4 Bach (ich ruf zu dir) – Vergari-Dragoni-Tonelli-2011

5 Summertime – Vergari-Dragoni-Tonelli-2011

6 Finale – Vergari-Dragoni-Tonelli-2011

7 Double (finale 2) – Vergari-Dragoni-Tonelli-2011









Improvisation is the art of putting into music, blurt, the emotions of the moment. What we hear about this recording are dialogues between musicians filtered by their taste and driven by their emotions.

The piano provides the musical ground, often giving rise to dialogue, but also responding to other musicians’ invitations.

Paolo Vergari



Percussion provides the rhythm base and triggers dialogue when the musician feels inspiration.


Massimiliano Dragoni


The voice guides the plot of the song and answers when the pianist conducts the dialogue.


Elisa Tonelli


These braids, based solely on the sensitivity of the moment of every single musician, transform the original base of famous songs, taken from classical and jazz, into original compositions.


The theater, with modern architecture but with classical sounds, allows a homogeneous sound throughout the spectrum but highly detailed.

The wooden floor of the stage, with curtains on the walls, give a wide picture of the soundtrack.

The mix of microphones placed on the instruments, with those dedicated to the scale, allowed a credible reconstruction of the sound event.


Listened then, in the home environment, the instruments are of natural size. The piano to the left about 3 meters from the listening point, the percussion right a little behind, and the voice, when it appears in the song, slightly centered forward. All of these elements stand out accurately in the soundtrack.

An album to enjoy for emotions and for realism of reproduction.




Formato/Media type – Wav 24dB/96KHz – Complete Album     € 4,9

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Listen or download a sample: DL041 24.96 Taka’s Question  7 Double (finale 2) Sample


Listen or download a sample: DL041 24.96 Taka’s Question 5 Summertime Sample