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Our design philosophy follows two main paths. The first one concerns the use of high power amplifiers (D class with similar analog supply). The second one deals with loudspeakers  employing many transducers (Line Source). These two strategies aim to exploit only a small fraction of the work produced by the components so as to greatly reduce distortion to the advantage of the sound quality.Another important design choice is Multi Amplification thanks to which the sound event can be as close as possible to the real event.



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All this in addition to our innovative file reader, our preamplifier without electrolytic capacitors, our converter, our cables with parallel paths and our tables with integrated power outlets and network filters.

However, the naturality of the reproduction, that is the truthfulness of the reproduction of the sound event, is also conditioned by factors outside of the listening chain.



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There are two main conditioning external factors.

The environment is the first one. It is important that the listening room has a good balance between absorption and reflection; it must be prepared with extreme care to receive the reproduction of the sound event. The author of the book  Dizionario Enciclopedico dell’Audio Hi Fi  has dedicated many paragraphs to these problems giving useful  indications  for the setting of the listening rooms.




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Recordings the enthusiasts dispose of are the second factor.

In the majority of cases, today the available recordings have an inadequate quality because they have been thought for cheap systems or even to be listened to while driving. For this reason  unscrupulous sound technicians exaggerate offering recordings afflicted by evident compressions and poor of dynamics on one hand, and full of unnatural exaggerations in certain frequency ranges, on the other.

So, what should we do? Collecting Best Recordings, a selection of reference recordings amongst the whole world production is the solution we propose as a good alternative to the poor quality recordings on the market in order to experience the artistic beauty of any type of album.


Our productsare custom madefor fans, which can havea plaquewith a dedicationdirectedto themby the manufacturer.







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