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BLUE MOON System is the complete system by BLUE MOON Audio Technology consisting of all the elements of the listening chain. File players, audio files storage, converters, pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, power amplifiers for multi-amplification, speakers, tables and cables.

The whole system, whit  “Copper Line” electronics (single or double chassis for separate power supply) provides a top quality result in the real reproduction of the sound event, thanks to its strongly synergic components. The latter are the best products offered by the technology, while the elegant and clean aesthetics of the electronics, speakers, tables and cables make even the most demanding audiophiles desire these products. BLUE MOON System offers a new idea in the way to reproduce Music in a domestic environment.

Every component of BLUE MOON System has a strong innovative technological content.




interface 7

Interface  audio files player – front


Interface file player can read immediately over 40,000 records in file format (full frame and high resolution) contained in its external storage. It reads all the formats and 24bit/192KHz of high resolution. The covers of the selected records can be displayed on a tablet used as remote control.



interface 5

Interface  audio file player – back




Best Storage is an audio file storage system with 4 HD of 8TB for a total capacity of 32 TB and provides audio material to be read by Interface player (over 80,000 records in CD format or 40,000 in high resolution).



Half Black Moon + best storage

Half Moon (player) – Best Storage (Nas 32TB USB)




DAC is one of the newest and one of  the most musical converters on the market. It reads every format and 24/192 of high resolution. In the Converter n.1 a short external current cable equipped with speak on connects the two separate box (DAC and 2 power supplys).













The preamplifier has a dual mono and balanced structure that provides transparency and an excellent scene reconstruction. In the PreAmp N.1 r a short external current cable equipped with speak on connects the two separate box (preamplifier and 1 or 2 power supplys).




PreAmp N.1 – 1° Step – front




PreAmp N.1 – 1° step – back




PreAmp N.1 – 3° step – back. 1 Power Supply for each channel



Power amplifiers, available 440 Watts per channel on 8 ohm, use a power supply similar to the analog one, using a larger area of the sine wave  instead of one single narrow spike obtaining remarkable sound results.

In particular, a power amplifier for Multi-amplification is available allowing to control the volume of power of the low range by adjusting it to the characteristics of the environment to be sonorized, thanks to level controls.




Colosseum D2 for MultiAmplification



Speakers are some of the most innovative products. They use Line Source Technology, they have  dipolar emission and woofers working in air suspension are housed in distinct boxes to allow an easy placement in environment. In the biggest models, LS 2.5 and LS 3  special wings allow to adjust the sound emission to the different listening rooms, while emission regulators for woofers, midranges and tweeters (L.C.R. – Level Control Room) can meet the timbre requirements of any enthusiast.




Ml 3 DSCF3146 780 pic

ML3 “Modulare”  loudspeakers


ml 3 - 2 xover DSCF3188 780 pic

ML3  “Modulare” loudspeakers . Xover








Audio Tables are unique since they have an input IEC socket and four output Shuko sockets that power the electronics placed on the table with short cables. A passive network filter housed in the enclosure is between the input and the output sockets. Handy wheels allow to move easily the table and to cancel negative vibrations generated by the devices placed on the two surfaces.


1 Audio Table IMG_4076 780 pix

Audio Table. Table for elettronics whit Filter and Shuko sockets


Audio Table IMG_3941 780 pix

Audio Table.  Filter and Shuko sockets





Cables use the parallel paths technology between the two poles. The conductor is absolutely one of the best conductors available on the market, while the dielectric and the placement in the space follow strict mathematical rules. The results achieved by these cables are top-level.




Blue Moon Courrent cable reference L1 7

Current Cable Ref. L1. Courent Cable





BLUE MOON System is one of the very few ‘important’ audio systems on the market that allow to be involved and to recreate the reality of the sound event in one’s own environment.