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Why Audio Files


For us, the Blue Moon, it is critical that the audio playback can be the most natural, and respects the environmental reality of the sound original.

To achieve this, in addition to scoring innovative speakers, file readers extremes, cables revolutionary and unprecedented anti-vibration bases, we believe they are crucial recods that meet our high standards in terms of quality of sound recording, and later balanced the mixing stage of the event.


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Max Research 

has as its ultimate goal, to resume the sound event as close as possible to the real event.

Given the common goals in audio reproduction, Max Research  is therefore the natural partner for Blue Moon,

The microphone arrangement used in the recordings and the mixing technique are a function to respect the original ambience and preserve all the information that has been collected by the microphones.

In these audio shots we perceive the space around the instruments and the environmental dimensions.

If we listen to these audio files with the Blue Moon systems, completed with Stereo Plus, the feeling of being immersed in the audio and very strong recording. The space and dimensions of the recording room materialize in the listening room.



Microphone set for an ancient music recording. DL027 – Tempi di Sfessania



Audio files of Max Research

  go in this direction, as and in many cases better than the files of other important record labels worldwide.

The researched catalog, ranging from files to normal resolution up to those in high resolution and files extracted from analog tapes.

To do this, Max Research employs more and an obsessive attention to the main parameters of listening: the naturalness and reality of environmental reconstruction of the sound event.

The entire suite of unnatural artifices, shooting and mixing, adopted by some engineers.


The keyboard and the console of the great organ of the Cathedral of Perugia. DL029 Organ And Horn Recital


The special microphones employees, and their wise available environment, by Massimo Piantini, make engravings of this label unique naturally.

The catalog of genres ranging from Classical Music to Jazz, from Rock and ethnic, with interpreters not very well known to the general public, but of great artistic ability.


Max Research production


Microphones used for the recording of the Piano cello duo. DL035 – From Serenade To Meditation


Free download

Download sample audio HD 24bit 96KHZ Max Research Production

Download sample audio Max Research production




Review . 2013 – Hard Disk Recording ed Editing





The arrangement of the microphones in the theater for jazz sextet. DL005 – No Smokin’






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