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Blue Moon bases its design philosophy on the naturalness of music reproduction. The company  produces special loudspeakers, exclusive audio file players,unique signal cables, both power cables and feeding cables, original antivibration supports for electronics and loudspeakers in order to reach this goal. However, the naturalness of music reproduction, that is the truthful reproduction of the sound event, is also influenced by other  factors external to the listening chain, such as the environment and the quality of the recording.



There are two main conditioning external factors .

As far as the environment, it is important that the listening room be organized with special care in order to have a good balance between absorption and reflection. In the book Hi Fi forever you can read many paragraphs dedicated to this aspect, with useful suggestions for the setting of the listening space. You can download some of these interesting paragraphs from  the website www.bluemoonaudiotechnology.com .

For example, the LS1 work at their best in quite big rooms (a smaller model is being prepared with the same sound setting for small rooms) where planar transducers can breathe and bring out their expressive power and where the woofer can make its long sinusoidal wave spread out



The second aspect deals with the recordings the enthusiasts dispose of. Today most of the available recordings are poor quality since they are thought and designed for economic systems, included car audio ones. This is the reason why sound engineers  without audiophile scruples exaggerate on one hand, creating recordings with evident compressions and poor dynamics and, on the other,  altering them by unnatural exaggerations in some frequency ranges.  For further information about this topic you can download some explanatory paragraphs of the book Hi Fi forever from the website www.bluemoonaudiotechnology.com.




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