/ SPS Wall 05 – Blue Moon House Viterbo



SPS Wall 05 – Blue Moon House – Viterbo


At the beginning there was the MONO. Later, the STEREO came.

Today, the new Stereo PLUS System

allows to reach the sound event reality with more speakers in environment,

besides the two fronts, reproducing all of our albums 2 channels (LP – CD – audio files).



SPS Wall 05 – Blue Moon House – Viterbo.

The size of the room, about 35 sqm, is typical of an average apartment.

Even the furniture and simulate the acoustic treatment is typical of a common house, where the passionate places his Hi.Fi. system


SPS Wall 05 – front central loudspeakers


These average furnishing conditions allow the listener to visit Blue Moon House Viterbo to evaluate a sound result very similar to what he would get on his listening environment and therefore to fully understand the Stereo Plus System (SPS).



SPS Wall 05 – right side




SPS Wall 05 – back



SPS Wall 05 – left side


The traditional front system, coupled with the SPS with the Wall 05, generates a consistent 360 ° emission, which surrounds the listener, placing it in the middle of the sound event, as if it were in an auditorium, but always respecting the correct placement Of the musicians on stage.



SPS Wall 05 front 



SPS Wall 05 – front



The resulting sound is concrete, extended in frequency, and complete low range. It possesses, of course, a great three-dimensionality and timbrically is better than just the traditional front system.



SPS Wall 05 – Processor and 6ch Amp



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