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/ Colosseum D2 – Amplifier

Colosseum D2 – 2 channels amplifier





Blue Moon power amplifiers follow the path of Class D that we consider the amplification technology of the future. This is why today a great power and compact dimensions are required to drive loudspeakers.






We have chosen modules with a power supply similar to the analog one, using a larger area of the sine wave  instead of one single narrow spike obtaining remarkable sound results.

Exploiting only a small portion of the big typical power indicated is another key point to reach considerable effects. By doing this, just a little distortion and a high level of musicality are assured as well.

In conclusion, internal cables have been treated with special care, using very high quality products even in the power section. All of them have been insulated and shielded to avoid contamination from the electromagnetic fields into the cabinet.

Assembly and cables are entirely handmade to pay the utmost attention to connections.



Colosseum D2 – front amplifier


Bakelite has been used for the rear panel: it is a material at a very high electrical insulation, big damping and extreme neutrality helping to reach the best sound results.



Main characteristics:

  • “Classe D”  Amplifier  high current

  • Copper Cabinet

  • Digital power supplier, approximating the analog power supplies

  • Individually shielded cables (power supply and line stage stage)

  • Cabling handmade to optimize the signal paths

  • Mains filter with high performance copper shield

  • Rear panel “Bakelite” (material high thermal insulating properties)



Dati Tecnici

Power: 600w 8 ohm each channels

Power: 1200w Impulsive each Channels

Input impedance: 10 kohm balanced

1 box Copper-Plexiglass

Dimension: mm. 430x330x110 (W x D x H), Weight Kg. 6,0



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