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LS3 – 4 ways Planars Speakers – Custom LoudSpeakers



The LS 3 (Line Source 3) are top-level loudspeakers, unique in their project and strongly innovative.
They use the Array configuration, they are four-way loudspeakers with some peculiar and special characteristics.
As well as using planar transducers for the mid-high and high way, they have cones for the mid-low one.

All these drivers work in free air with dipole emission in order to assure a truthful reconstruction of the acoustic scene.

A tower of six closed-box woofers for each channel deals with low range which is independently amplified with two internal modules.

Each loudspeaker can adjust the inclination of the two lateral panels in a range included between 0 and 30 degrees, so that the best interfacing loudspeakers/environment can be provided.
A powerful and top-quality stereo power amplifier (or two mono) is responsible for the driving.

Multi-amplification with a dedicated crossover is available as well to reach the highest results.
With the LS 3 by BLUE MOON Audio Technology the reproduction of the sound message is as close to the real event as possible, both in terms of realism of the scene reconstruction and in terms of the most important sonic parameters such as timbre, transparency and dynamics. All this is obtained without that sonic gigantism typical of this kind of systems.
The LS 3 are becoming world-class Hi Dream systems with full rights. These loudspeakers, with some of the smallest models (LS1), with BLUE MOON electronics (File players and Crossovers), with Cables and Anti-vibration supports will be present at the next Monaco Hi End.
BLUE MOON Audio Technology



leonardo macchineLeo

Aven Loudspeakers have “Wings”





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The Towers



Componentis for each loudspeakers:

12 tweeter a “planars  ribbon”

1 midrange 130 cm “planars  ribbon”

6 cones midranges  18 cm


The Towers

6 cones alluminium woofers  26 cm (a separate amplified tower)

3 Amplifiers 180W each tower


BLUE MOON Audio Technology




ls3 ma tw mod 780pix

1Midrange e 12 Tweeter planar






ls3 mb mod 780pix

6 Cone Midrange




 Bruno Fazzini – Massimo Piantini


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