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ML 2

Modular LoudSpeakers







ML 2 – Four Way Speaker.

1 woofer in separate tower in air suspension

1 low midrange

2 hi midrange

1 tweeter

Three way in dipole configuration

Impedence 8 ohm

Sensitivity 89 dB

Recommended Power: 50-300 watt. Multi Amplification.


Dimensions cm. 22 x 52 x 136 (W x D x H)

Box Woofer Dimension:

cm 40 x 40 x 95 (W x D x H). Total Weight 60 Kg.



ML2 quadriamp – Video






ML – Modular Loudspeakers


ML-Modular Loudspeakers series has been created to offer a sound similar to the absolute sound of LS3, the big top range loudspeakers by Blue Moon Audio T.


This is the reason why ML series is equipped with the same drivers as LS3 and with the same number of ways (four), as well, starting from ML2, the second model.



 High midrange  Modul





The four models of ML-Modular Loudspeakers series (ML 1 – ML 2 – ML 3 – ML 4) have 3 basic modules Tweeter, High Midrange, Low Midrange and a ‘Tower’ woofer in air suspension, in a separate box. All the modules are ‘Open Baffle’ and have ‘Dipole’ emission.


The base supporting the modules houses the Crossover inside a copper box, like that used for Blue Moon electronics, to assure a better protection from electromagnetic disturbances.

ML series has a tapered structure which makes its emission similar to that of Line Source loudspeakers. This structure, in addition to the dipole emission, allows the best reconstruction ever of the sound event in domestic environments.


 Bass midrange  Modul


Moreover, the woofer placed separately respect to the loudspeaker favors decisively the reproduction of low frequencies, reducing stationary waves and increasing the depth and the impact of the lower extreme.



In conclusion, with the multi-amplification of all the ML series excellent levels of dynamics and linearity are reached.

Multi-amplification is essential for ML3 and ML4.

All the products by Blue Moon Audio T. are handmade in Italy.




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The Corporate Philosophy

Our design philosophy follows two main paths. The first one concerns the use of high power amplifiers (D class with similar analog supply). The second one deals with loudspeakers  employing many transducers (Line Source). These two strategies aim to exploit only a small fraction of the work produced by the components so as to greatly reduce distortion to the advantage of the sound quality.

Another important design choice is Multi Amplification thanks to which the sound event can be as close as possible to the real event…. See more