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Blue Moon Systems ML05 + Scott 326 + TV




Receiver: Scott 326 – 2x30w  (vedi qui articolo su Improved)

Loudspeakers: ML 05


+  audio/video Files Player : Interface A/V 

(adjustable analog-digital output-HDMI)




Le elettroniche


Sonic description:

The Scott  326 receiver provides not only power thanks to which it is possible to drive many speakers on the market, but thanks to the upgrade made by the Blue Moon team, it gives a correct sonic character, balanced and with some amber veining.

The amplifying section of this receiver, drives very well our ML 05 loudspeakers not difficult, but qualitatively rather demanding speakers. And Scott certainly doesn’t let himself be intimidated in terms of sonic quality.


Blue Moon ML 05. 2-way stand speaker.

The construction and finishes are of high craftsmanship cabinetry.
Each piece is handmade.



ML 05 has many rivals in their price range, but the type of agreement (almost pneumatic suspension), the construction, the quality of the components and the particular cross-over, allow these midi diffusers to excel in terms of absolute performance.

Interface AV  player files, provides both audio and video material at normal resolution and high resolution with the correctness and practicality that an excellent file reader can provide.

The captivating players allow exciting reading of all the musical material.

How to combine Hi End audio with HD video



Blue Moon ML 05. Back




Receiver Scott 326, restored and upgraded in the components





Interface A/V Audio video file player, configurable for audio output (analog-digital-HDMI)




Link di approfondimento:

LS3  - Diffusori 4 vie con Altoparlanti Planari a Nastro

ML 1 - Diffusore a 3 vie    

ML 2 - Diffusore a 4 vie  

ML 3 - Diffusore a 4 vie  

ML 4 - Diffusore a 4 vie

ML W - Woofer box separato 

ML 05 - Diffusore a 2 vie   

ML 07 - Diffusore a 3 vie    

ML 08 - Diffusore a 4 vie

SPS - Stereo Plus System    

Wall 05 - Diffusore Ambienza    

Wall 2 - Diffusore Ambienza

ML 2 - La Quadriamplificazione

Bruno Fazzini – Il Mio Impianto Blue Moon Audio T

Back to HES – Home Entertainment System

Scott 326 Stereo Receiver

Interface AV 


Interface AV, audio / video files player – (can set analogue-digital-HDMI output)

When used as an audio player it can be managed from the Blue Moon Web apps

When used as a video player it is also operated with a touchpad keyboard via Bluetooth



For info:


email: sophoshiend@gmail.com

Bruno Fazzini – tel. + 39 347  1402138

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