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HE System 2 – Vintage Improved (by Blue Moon)


Receiver: Harman Kardon hk 430 2x25watt  

Loudspeakers: Polk Audio M10
2 ways – tw 2,5cm soft dome – MidWoofer 12cm


+ audio/video files player Interface AV

(audio output settable analog-digital-HDMI)



Sound description:

Harman Kardon 430




Polk Audio M10, laudspeakers





By adding the files player, we complete the home audio/video system

The Interface AV  file players, reads audio and video files with normal resolution and high resolution, with the correctness and practicality that an excellent file reader is able to provide.


On the digital output the audio signal, whether it comes from audio or video files, has a 24bit 96Khz upsapling, with a marked improvement over the normal digital sources.

The appealing players allow an exciting reading of all the music files.



This proposed system is a great performance, with a small cost.

How to combine the Hi End audio with HD video

This is just one of many modular systems, with the Vintage (Improved Blue Moon) and the own Blue Moon production.



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ML 05 – 2-ways speakers   –  ML 0.7 – 3-ways speakers   –   ML W Woofer box separato   –   LS 3  4 ways Loudspeakers AMT Tw

 ML 1 3-ways speakers   –   ML 2 4-ways speakers   –   ML 3 4-ways speakers   –   ML 4 4-ways speakers

SPS – Stereo Plus System   –  Wall 05 –Environmental loudspeakers   –  Wall 2 –Environmental loudspeakers

Interface A/V  Audio/Video Files Players   –  Interface D N.1  Audio Files Player


Micro System    

Converter N.1 D/A Converter   –   Converter N.2 D/A Converter

PreAmp N.1 2 Channels Preamplifier   –   PreAmp N.2 2 Channels Preamplifier

Colosseum D2  2 Channels Amplifier


Processor Processore ambiente 

Scott 326 Stereo Receiver




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email: sophoshiend@gmail.com

Bruno Fazzini – tel. + 39 347  1402138

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