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HES – Home Entertainment Systems


The TV has long been the center of home entertainment for the whole family. High definition of images has reached very high levels of involvement.

Very often, however, the audio of the video is of a decidedly inferior quality, mortifying the video performance.

Blue Moon, always attentive to the reconstruction of the sound event in the environment, has composed 4 types of audio systems, to be placed side by side with the TV or home projector, to complete the home entertainment.

Our proposals start from A / V base systems, but with levels of naturalness, up to the highest levels with multi-speaker systems, but always starting from the stereo signal (SPS – Stereo Plus System).

In between there are various bands suited to all the needs of the Audio / Video high-class household.

Below are examples of how our systems can be composed.

Many other combinations are possible for all installation needs.

Have fun




Vintage Improved Systems (by Blue Moon)

These systems use vintage components chosen from those with a beautiful sound and excellent technical characteristics.

They are then restored and upgraded by Blue Moon to achieve the audio performance features of our brand.

However, these systems, with very low costs, guarantee high-level sound performances in their category.


Some examples of sound systems under 1.000 eur:


HE System 1 – Vintage Improved (by Blue Moon)





Blue Moon Systems 

Here all the components are made in Blue Moon.

The uniformity of the characteristics of the components, brings the sound naturally, very close to the event live sound.

With the audio Blue Moon, together with the High Resolution Video, Home Entertainment reaches high levels of emotional involvement.

Some examples 









HE System ML07 – Blue Moon


HE System ML2 – Blue Moon


HE System ML3 – Blue Moon



SPS – Stereo Plus System

The Blue Moon multichannel audio, but starting from the stereo signal, recreates the Sound Event environment like never before.

Video combines visual impact with the enveloping sound of SPS, immersing the listener in the concert hall, or bringing it directly into the action movie.

Difficult to describe these feelings. You just have to try them in our Blue Moon House in Viterbo.


SPS – Stereo Plus System 1

SPS – Stereo Plus System 2

SPS – Stereo Plus System 3




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ML 05 – 2-ways speakers   –  ML 0.7 – 3-ways speakers   –   ML W Woofer box separato   –   LS 3  4 ways Loudspeakers AMT Tw

 ML 1 3-ways speakers   –   ML 2 4-ways speakers   –   ML 3 4-ways speakers   –   ML 4 4-ways speakers

SPS – Stereo Plus System   –  Wall 05 –Environmental loudspeakers   –  Wall 2 –Environmental loudspeakers


Interface A/V  Audio/Video Files Players   –  Interface D N.1  Audio Files Player

Micro System    

Converter N.1 D/A Converter   –   Converter N.2 D/A Converter

PreAmp N.1 2 Channels Preamplifier   –   PreAmp N.2 2 Channels Preamplifier

Colosseum D2  2 Channels Amplifier


Processor Processore ambiente 

Scott 326 Stereo Receiver


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