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Sig. Profili – Mr. Virat – Piantini – Fazzini


Mr. Wirat – Visit in the BLUE MOON AT listening room


We received the visit, in the BLUE MOON Audio T. listening room (Arezzo), of Mr. Wirat Pholpradabb, an expert of Hi End music knower and interested to have our products in Thailand. He appreciated the LS 3 model (Line Source 3) top of the BLUE MOON speakers and the new ML series (Modular Loudspeaker), in addition to our innovative electronics.


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In images Mr. Wirat, Massimo Piantini, Buno Fazzini, Gianni Profili (that care for our company the Asian market). Even the ladies have demonstrated a remarkable knowledge of the Hi End world and appreciation for the BLUE MOON philosophy, that orients to maximum results without compromise.



Wirat 2



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Wirat 3

Family members of Mr. Wirat, pleasant guests in the Testing Room Blue Moon AT.   ML3 background

Link di approfondimento:

LS3  - Diffusori 4 vie con Altoparlanti Planari a Nastro

ML 1 - Diffusore a 3 vie    

ML 2 - Diffusore a 4 vie  

ML 3 - Diffusore a 4 vie  

ML 4 - Diffusore a 4 vie

ML W - Woofer box separato 

ML 05 - Diffusore a 2 vie   

ML 07 - Diffusore a 3 vie    

ML 08 - Diffusore a 4 vie

SPS - Stereo Plus System    

Wall 05 - Diffusore Ambienza    

Wall 2 - Diffusore Ambienza

ML 2 - La Quadriamplificazione

Bruno Fazzini – Il Mio Impianto Blue Moon Audio T



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